Sunday, October 23, 2011

And they said it would snow...

I spent this past Wednesday-Friday in Waynesville, NC with my boss helping another store there reset some of their areas so that they would be ready for a big visit from the higher ups next week.
When we first got there it was chilly but as the afternoon came it got colder and colder. I think on average it was in the low forties the majority of the time we were there. Nighttime was so cold though. I wasn't smart enough to pack a coat so I was just glad that I had thought to pack all long sleeved shirts.
While we were there we ate at this place called Fat Buddies...BBQ! It was good but I made the mistake of eating pork instead of beef and I'm allergic to pork so I was in pain the rest of the day. That night we ate at a seafood place called Maggie's Galley. I decided to be good and ate a Greek Salad...and boy am I glad I did - everyone else got sick off of the food.
We spent the time resetting their home, toy, and accessories section. It was a lot of work but overall we had a fun trip up there. We spent Friday evening and Saturday morning fixing up our own store. Hopefully everyone is ready now! :-)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Push, Pull, Pat - - PITA!

“Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.”

I tried my hand at something new today. I recently decided to try and eat a bit healthier...a little less bread, more veggies and fruit. So I have switched to low-calorie flat breads and pitas. But after realizing that I could buy a loaf of bread for $1.27 and 5 pitas cost me $2.14 I had to do something different. So I pulled out the flour, sugar, salt, oil, yeast, and water and went to work.

Now you might say that is a tad on the drastic side to save money. But I grew up in the kitchen with my mom. We used to make homemade bread all the time. Not only was it cheaper that way, it tasted SOOOOO much better! I figured that pitas wouldn't be easy to make, but they actually surprised me. A bit time consuming...yes. But they're not that hard! I mixed up the dough and kneaded it, then left it to rise for 3 hours. After that all I had to do was knead it out and bake it.

4 minutes on the first side, and they poof up (at least, they're supposed to!) and then it's 2 min on the other side. All of this at a high temperature of 500 degrees. I'm sure with practice I will perfect the art of pita making. My first time, about every other one came out right. They didn't always poof up, but they taste great and I can cut them open! Needless to say, I will not be spending $2.14 on 5 pitas when I have the ability to make them myself. Next batch will be whole wheat!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Amusement Park Of Me


Have you ever thought about life as if it were a theme park? Which ride describes you? I was at work today watching everyone - it is amazing how much you can pick up on a person's life just by watching them. You can learn how they interact with others, how they deal with things, if they're happy or sad. It got me thinking about the different types of lives that there are and how they compare to theme park rides. I picked 8 to look at...

First off there is the DROP TOWER life, this life is one of those where one minute the person is sky high, floating on clouds and nothing could go wrong. The next minute their entire world is crashing towards the ground and they can find no way to stop. They scream and cry that they are going to hit rock bottom soon, but somehow - they always manage to survive. They never do crash, things slow down and their breathing returns to normal.

Next comes the FERRIS WHEEL life, these people are probably some of the most common. They have an even flow of ups and downs, sometimes being the optimist, other times the pessimist. They seem to be on a smooth, consistent flow in their life. There are no major twists or curves, just a steady motion that you can always count on.

Of course you also have the HOUSE OF MIRRORS life, this type of person stays confused. They never know if they are coming or going. This could depress them, frustrate them, or make them completely angry. No matter what they do there is always another picture that lures them in another direction. When they think they have "found their way out", they see something else that pulls them in another direction. These people live their life in a maze of indecision.

There are some who live the LOG FLUME life, in this ride of life people generally go with the flow. There may be a few sudden drops or changes, but for the most part they're just riding along the river of life. They are content to simply let life take the lead and put them where it wants to put them. They have no real plans, no desires, no ambitions. They simply want to take the ride of life.

There is the OBSERVATION TOWER life. This type of person is content to watch life pass them by. They have no real interest in taking part, no desire to take the initiative to get into the groove of life and experience all life has to offer. They watch other people's lives, pick out the positives and negatives and talk about them...but they never take time to live their own life.

The ROLLER COASTER life is probably the most dramatic life. These people are on a constant up and down motion, they take sharp turns and curves. Their lives are lived fast paced, never taking time to slow down and enjoy life. There are moments where their lives are upside down, right side up, curving left, being hurled never know what it is going to be like when you are around a person living this life.

A life that I find interesting is the REVERSE BUNGEE! Now, generally a bungee means the person is basically falling until they are jerked back up. In a reverse bungee it is literally a slingshot motion. These people aren't afraid to propel themselves forward no matter what it takes. They are willing to take whatever risks it takes for them to become a dramatic part of life. They want people to know them and remember them.

I think my favorite might be the TUMBLE BUG life. On this ride of life riders experience motion that is rotational as well as vertical. Life moves at a steady pace...not crazy fast, not crazy slow...steady. It is upright, sure if something major happens it can be turned upside down, but for the most part it stays vertical. There are changes in the direction, but they are not major changes, they are rational and steady.

What a calm world we would live in if everyone chose the Ferris Wheel, the Tumble Bug, the Observation Tower, or the Log Flume as their chosen ride of life. But then, who would we stare at? Who would we compare our lives to? Who would we write about?!